This page is a list of old stuff

Game Maker games I made

Temporal Paradox A time travel puzzle game I made in Game Maker
match A clone of SameGame made in Game Maker
Defend the Rampart! A Game Maker game I made in comprehensive school (on spare time) with my friend Stuffguy. Click on missiles. Defend the wall.

Source Engine maps I made

Tunisia Counter-Strike bomb defusal map with 16 spawns for each team. 2011
Zombie Genocide This is a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign featuring one full sized level and a finale. 2010
Combinus This is a Half-life 2: Deathmatch map featuring a Combine bunker. 2009
Plumber Panic I designed this one with Stuffguy. It's a simple survival map and my first Left 4 Dead level. 2009
Test chamber Moltest A map for Portal, actually a compilation of two of my early mapping tests. 2008
Test chamber Molfirst A map for Portal, the first map I ever made. 2008

Stuff my friends made

Blox the Game Stuffguy's platform game
Gubbe Hunttingi Oscar von Mardigain's adventure game
Gubbe KaMaiJak Oscar von Mardigain's sequel to Gubbe Hunttingi
Ripenoli Infection Ripenoli's adventure game